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Dear Partner,

Thank you for considering us for your project. As an organization we are fully dedicated to every project we take part in. Our experience is extensive, yet if we must improve – we improve.

When it comes to communication we are open & honest. If you would like to chat with us, don’t hesitate (find our contacts below).

Our PIC: 911042819

Organisation full legal name Kompetenta Unga
Acronym KU
National id 802510-4137
Address Einars vag 6A, Hallands län, Falkenberg, Sweden

Legal representative / Contact person

First name Paulius
Family name Jurgutis
Position Director
Email jurgutis.paulius@gmail.com
Telephone +37069194709

Brief description

Kompetenta Unga (KU) is a non-profit youth organisation from Falkenberg, Sweden. The NGO has been formed from an informal youth group organising various youth empowerment events in Sweden and abroad. The board members of the organisation are expatriates living in Sweden; thus, they well know the cultural differences that people moving to Sweden face.

The main aims of organization are:

  • To raise awareness of the European Union (EU) values and its educational programs
  • To promote self-fulfillment and personal development of young people
  • To ensure active participation of young people with fewer opportunities in the local communities
  • To improve the quality of life of refugees and migrants by integration through youth work
  • To provide volunteering opportunities for young people in order to develop their skills & competencies and social awareness

KU is involved in:

  1. education activities (projects based on non-formal methodlogies, focused on active citizenship, refugee integration, youth employability, tackling racism and xenophobia, promoting human rights)
  2. cultural events (conferences, seminars, multi-cultural evenings)
  3. international activities (programmes and projects of youth mobility)

The main target group of organization are youngsters with fewer opportunities (incl. refugees, minority groups, NEETs). By organizing various non-formal education activities, we give them an opportunity to express their knowledge and share experiences and ideas. This contributes to social cohesion and diversity.

The main staff of the organization are working with youth & refugee integration in Halland, Ghotehnburg and abroad for more than 3 years already. Apart from that, the organisation unites more than 20 volunteers. The organisation is also in contact with local (refugee) communities and help them by organising various social events & activities in the country. Now the KU’s members are keen on employing/boosting their experience through Erasmus+ mobilities.

Relevant experience

To be filled according to the project’s topic.

KU has been active in the field of x for years. We have carried out the following projects/initiatives: x. They have focused on: x. This experience will allow us to contribute to the objectives of X.

Our aim is, by definition, to not just address the issue, but also:

  • inform the the local communities & relevant stakeholders
  • plan for our own follow-up (in Sweden or elsewhere)

Such approach is beneficial & relevant for any project.

Key staff

Paulius Jurgutis

Description changes according to the project’s topic.

Co-founder of KU, who will act as X under this proposal. In short, he will manage and coordinate the entire implementation & coordination of the project in Sweden. In KU he is mainly responsible for international relations and communication with external organizations, which will be crucial in building the stakeholder network for the current project. Mr. Paulius is also responsible for human resources within the organization = managing volunteers, trainees and the rest of the team. Mr. Paulius organized and acted as a trainer himself in more than 20 international projects (with a total of 600+ participants). Among which, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership projects: “Together: Refugees & Youth” & “Climb Over”.

Paulius Jurgutis is also a devoted entrepreneur: he is responsible for the strategy development & sales of Wellness Travels (a medical tourism start-up). This experience will be highly valuable for this project also. Mr. Paulius holds a BSc Degree in Stockholm School of Economics and a MSc Degree in Norwegian School of Economics.

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