Let’s use Research in youth work!

Let’s use Research in youth work!

Let’s use Research in youth work! 913 1000 admin

May 18-26, 2018. Kaunas, Lithuania.

30 youth workers coming from Lithuania, France, Italy, Turkey and Latvia were gathered in organised Training Course, dubbed “Research Makes Perfect” (acronym RMP) by the Lithuanian NGO Aktyvus Jaunimas. Participants of the project came with different aims, hopes, as well as knowledge and experience, however one common key objective motivated them in active participation of the Non-Formal training, as well as international experience RMP provided – make research more usable at organisational and youth worker level.

Nowadays, organisations / youth workers are successful or unsuccessful in their mission based on the decisions they make. Yet, for the most part these decisions are based on the intuition or opinions of the youth worker or organisation’s managers. Facts and deeper analysis are rarely considered.

Aktyvus Jaunimas, together with partner organisations and its team carried out various workshops, initiatives, as well as information sessions to the participants. This was done to not only facilitate the transfer of well known research methods, its applications in youth work, but also give opportunity to apply newly gained knowledge and experience on local level.

Participants carried out research on local level (Kaunas city), where relevant and interesting to participants topics were covered and locals were inquired on the opinion about social inclusion, youth work, Erasmus+ and its’ benefits as well as many other topics.

Each participant felt intercultural growth, as well as enhancement of his/her competences as youth workers and newly gained knowledge and experience will be used thoroughly not only in their personal work, but also teaching their colleagues on the importance of Research based youth work, thus carrying on with relevant quote – “Research Makes Perfect”

You can check all the photos of the project HERE

as well as created webpage of the project HERE

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