In August 2021 Kompetenta Unga together with partner organisations from 5 other European countries organised an Erasmus+ youth exchange “Our Carpathian Stories” to promote environmental awareness, sustainability, and intercultural cooperation between each other.

Outdoor activities were implemented in the Carpathian mountains to engage youngsters with our human impact on the natural environment and to raise awareness about the importance of conserving both the natural and cultural richness of this special region.

30 youngsters met for two weeks to try a range of workshops in digital media competencies followed by an outdoor, multi-day hike that served as a fact-finding trip. By using approaches like “learning by doing”, “adventure education”, “large group capacity building”, “problem-based learning” we aimed to expose participants’ potential and increase their belief in themselves through the ability to experiment in an unusual environment;

Venue of the project: Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

Participating countries: Ukraine, Sweden, Belarus, Spain, Germany, Turkey

Budget – 25,905€


Avrupa Entegrasyon Derneği (Turkey)
Hromadska Organizatsiya Logos Znannya (Poland)
Non-govermental private cultural institution studio «Karas» (Belarus)
FUSION-Intercultural Projects Berlin e.V. (Germany)
Amazing Educaciòn (Spain)
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